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451 Report Acknowledges SCC’s ‘Unique Approach’ And Innovation

SCC is delighted at the findings of IT research and advisory company, 451 Research,  acknowledging the company’s ‘unique approach’ within the field of data centre management software.

New York-based 451 Research is well known within the data centre management industry for compiling independent and insightful reports on the competitive dynamics of innovation within emerging technology segments. With a core focus on technology innovation, 451 Research provides an essential insight for leaders of the digital economy.

The recent report by 451 Research explains how, unlike other suppliers, SCC’s primary strength is in integration, retrieving data from reluctant sources and combining it with other operational and management systems, describing SCC’s graphical representation of data centre operational information as ‘one of the most useful that we have seen’.

Having spent several years developing the I2M® platform as a means of capturing, compiling and presenting information from various disparate systems, SCC’s investment and expertise is now reaping rewards. A five-year contract has recently been secured to supply data integration products and services to a large European data centre operator and further growth is anticipated.

451 Research identifies SCC’s tools as having immediate management appeal, highlighting their importance to data centre operators looking to link DCIM tools to other management systems and present data to decision-makers. It also mentions SCC’s expertise in saving significant amounts of energy for clients by exposing problems and waste to their customers, describing their recent work with UK-based energy management guru, Vilnis Vesma, as an example of the company’s ‘capability and unique approach’.

451 Research reports on SCC’s unique strengths, capabilities and focus within the UK market, the report also examines the company’s position in a worldwide context.

With an on-going policy dedicated to continuous improvement, SCC welcomes 451 Research’s report as recognition of their efforts to innovate and excel, continually push back the boundaries to present data in a meaningful way, and bring its range of services to a wider global audience.

To read the full report by 451 Research, please click here.