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Collecting data from different management systems, collating it on a single database and providing access through a User Interface.

In order to make the right decisions, you need the correct information. All too often, however, information resides in different management systems and relates only to a specific area of performance within the data centre, making it difficult to access or assess within a wider context.

With twenty years’ experience extracting data from multiple data sources and a highly skilled and experienced development team, Smart Carbon Control (SCC) has the expertise and capability to overcome this problem. Our solution in terms of design and development is to build bi-directional API’s (Application Program Interfaces) that are able to both pull and push data.

This enables data to be collected, collated and aggregated in a single database and made available to the end user through an intuitive and simple to use User Interface (UI). Utilising this level of Business Intelligence (BI) makes it easier to define, manage and optimise all aspects of service delivery.