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From DCIM to DCSO, we will work with you to formulate a solution that encompasses IT and business service performance metrics.

Whereas DCIM started life with an initial focus on collecting and managing information relating to a data centre’s operational status (including assets and resources), data centre managers now require a much wider view that encompasses IT and Business Service performance metrics.

To facilitate this requirement, Data Centre Service Optimisation (DCSO) aggregates further data sources, the majority of which have typically operated as standalone systems, such as IT Service Management, Server Systems, Building Management Systems, Financial Management and, because of key cost drivers, Energy Procurement and Energy Management Systems.

The Smart Carbon Control (SCC) approach to this somewhat complicated and daunting journey is to work with you to identify your immediate business priorities. Using an agile approach, we will work in partnership with you to identify the lowest cost and risk ‘wins’ based on deploying modules that offer the most immediate business benefits. By taking a ‘one-step’ at a time approach, we will enable data centre managers to take better control of cost and delivery risk.