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Smart Carbon Control (SCC) is a specialist in data collection, collation and presentation, with particular expertise in the asset and energy management sectors.

SCC was established in 1991 and has a proven track record for data collection, data collation and data presentation, with particular expertise in the asset and energy management sectors. To date, SCC has implemented over 1,000 remote data-driven energy and information management systems within commercial and government buildings across eight different countries.

The architectural model underlying the SCC I²M® platform is specifically designed to provide communication and interaction between multiple software applications, utilising a service-orientated architecture (SOA).

Primary function of the core I²M® platform is to provide a consolidated service bus for communication and interaction between multiple disparate software systems. At the hub of the platform is the I²M® Web Service API, providing a single point of contact for interfacing with enterprise subsystems. This is supported by two databases that provide hierarchical (application database) as well as physically collated data (operational database). All data and content collated via the Web Service API can be presented in various formats, whether for key stakeholders within the business or external clients via a Client Portal.

Our hardware and software engineers have unrivalled experience in retrieving data from a wide range of legacy systems and organizing this data for the benefit of key stakeholders in a business, providing the business intelligence necessary to improve efficiency and drive down costs.

We partner our clients to ensure they benefit from the best management data available in near real time, enabling them to make more effective decisions in the day-to-day running of their business and equipping them with the tools to present relevant information to customers.

The Past

  • Stranded, historic spreadsheet data
  • Proprietary software
  • Locked down hardware
  • Vendor dependent
  • Excessive user and points based fees

The Future with I2M®

  • Unrestricted access to real time data
  • Seamless data exchange
  • Vendor and platform independent
  • Big data model; volume, speed, type and accuracy
  • Low cost unrestricted use SaaS pricing